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About Us

Our Philosophy

FOR ALL is an invitation to disrupt patterns of self neglect. To embrace a ritual of care that supports the skin and hair in their essential role as the first line of defense for the body.

We believe a ritual of care rooted in listening and reacting to the body’s daily needs has a powerful impact on our well being. It’s never too early—or late—to start caring. Regardless of age and gender, proper skin and hair care is fundamental to maintaining the health and vitality of our body. Daily care rejuvenates and replenishes moisture and nutrients lost throughout the day, and as we age.

Premium CBD

Our broad-spectrum CBD is extracted from premium hemp plants grown in Colorado with organic practices free of pesticides and GMOs.


We are a female-owned and operated company working to help empower and inspire women to create and lead their own organizations.

Third-Party Tested

All of our products are independently lab tested by a third party for purity. Results for each product can be found in our shop.

Our Products

Our lush products are crafted with carefully considered botanical ingredients and enriched with indulgent levels of CBD.

Our skin has the highest concentration of cannabinoid (CBD) receptors on the body and can absorb and maximize the benefits of CBD. Thus our antioxidant-rich CBD products were designed to remain on the skin to allow for maximum absorption, impact and care. We combine therapeutic levels of full and broad spectrum CBD with botanical extracts, vitamins and essential oils that work together to provide head-to-toe rejuvenation, restoration, and relief.

Our Founders

Peggie Fort and Jamie Shira are advocates for a ritual of care and the natural power of CBD.

Born of different generations, Peggie and Jamie understand the spectrum of care needed throughout life. They have combined their experiences working with premier luxury brands and founding best-in-class cannabis dispensaries to curate a luxe experience enhanced by premium cannabis care products. FOR ALL is an homage to their passion for luxury goods and experiences, the dynamic energy of cannabis and a lifestyle rooted in modern wellness.


We are committed to donating a portion of our profits from our product line to Ubuntu Life. We’ve partnered with Ubuntu to create custom For All espadrilles made from 100% East African cotton. The crafting of these shoes provides mothers of children with special needs with sustainable employment.

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